Color & b&w photographyes, tracings, wood, steel and golden frames about canvas.
Two pieces of 120 x 200 cm

The devoid and the oblivion
Two photographies b/n 100 x 100, metalic estructure and water. Fragments of arquitectonics elements coming from Tarraco

Thinking the history
9 photographies b/n of 65 x 45 cm. Letters in vinyl and golden brass.
Variable sizes

Intervention in the Room III of the MNAT Fotografic collage. Photography color, 150 x 100 cm.

Eyes, mirror, navel
Intervention in the Room II of the MNAT
2 photographies color of 120 cm of diametre l mirror stainless steel and vinyl of 145 cm of diametre

MEMÓRIA (The impossible prospection)
Digital color photography and painting
200 x 100 cm.

Intervention in the Room Vl of the MNAT Anonim Istanbul, 1997 Printing b/n about fabric of 250 x 125 cm Portrait of unknown coming from Tarraco White marble, 27, 5 cm. MNAT - 462/472