Profession, cartographer.
Ángela Molina

The connection between art and the physical and psychic dimension of humankind has always been a valued subject used by conceptual artists who are trying, from an every day point of view, to make their discourse digestible for a society used to bring discredit upon their proposals.

Within the cycle “Anatomies de l’ànima” (Anatomies of the Soul) at the Joan Miró Foundation (Barcelona), Jesús Galdón’s work wants to place a counterpoint, as an easy, pleasant, reminiscent art. But, this does not mean that he lacks of intellectual depth which brings him closer to any other less prosaic proposals.

“On the other side of the mirror tries”, as Galdón says, “to prove that we speak and represent always just what stands on the other side of the mirror; the world of representation, of the imaginary and its reflection; in short, the world of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. The artist admits that he is searching nothing on the other side, “I just want to investigate the geography of the individual and his identity”.

To that propose, Galdón creates an installation where he spreads out three big imaginary fabric maps cut out following a human profile, and three methacrylate silhouettes crossed by rivers, mountains and towns; everything at human scale. “The visitor enters a space, an imaginary geography like the one we used to learn at school, when teachers used to give us physical and political maps to write on them what we were learning” explains Galdón. “The emptiness cut out into the fabric map that draws this geography, could correspond to the hanging dresses on the other side of the space that are “wearable” too and give sense and life, ultimately, to a new identity.”

Galdón avoids apriorisms and prejudices; the culture imposed by our society and the overcrowding where we are lead to by the global village of races and patterns. “The solution lies in multiculturalism, or in the otherness, in feeling sometimes like if we were under another one’s skin. “The key lies in comprehension” explains the artist.

With this interactive itinerary at one of the most attractive cellars of the “Fundació Miró”, Galdón asks us to search our own geography, the cartography of our oneness.

“We are an isle, a continent placed in the middle of the world. Within this immensity, we could be a part of an archipelago or maybe we are far away from any other island. This piece of earth that we are, have its mountains, rivers, and regions” explains Ferran Barenblit, commissar of the exhibition by this “Poble Sec” artist.

As if he wanted just to tell us, not strictly, that our perception dominions are, often, able to be scrutinized.

Ángela Molina
Art critic