B&Babel is an intervention project carried out with aug amented reality for smartphones and tablets.

B&Babel is a project between the design and the artistic project, presented by Jesús Galdón with his participation in the Beijing Design Week 2014, within the framework of the Dashilan Area in Beijing.

My first steps in the area of the design were addressed to the labelling of streets. Cities are like a big jumble of different things where every single drawer* is named by its sign: everything has its own name. Partly, the order and organization of the city is set by those commercial and others signs that guide our life journeys. The design visualizes what the language names.

B&Babel dispense with written language in order to use the visual language. The Western iconographic element of the phylactery is the container of a universal language: the color.



On the other hand, the places generate their own language, they name things after their special natures. Thus, the designs of camouflages blend in with the characteristics of the place, and this is the element I chose to identify place and language in connection with color: each culture has a different sense or symbolism in connection with the color, so every culture has a particular geography that ‘names’ it; every culture has its language and every culture organizes itself following their basic needs: trade, exchange, communication.

In a globalized world, the identity of a language tends to disappear, to camouflage itself behind a uniform culture without geography or place.

B&Babel wants to make us think about this idea from the thesis of ‘designs without names’, ‘naming’ with the designs of those virtual signs and their colours ten everyday places for the citizens of the Deshilan Area in Beijing and “Poble Sec” quater in Barcelona.