Allocution by Federico García Lorca to the town of Fuente Vaqueros (Granada) in September 1931:

"When someone goes to the theater, to a concert or a party of any kind that is, if the party is to their liking, immediately remember and regret that the people he wants are not there." What would this like to my Sister, my father, "he thinks, and no longer enjoys the spectacle but through a slight melancholy.

This is the melancholy that I feel, not for the people of my house, who would be small and mean, but for all the creatures that for want of means and unfortunately they do not enjoy the supreme good of the beauty that is life and kindness and it is serenity and it is passion.

"That's why I never have a book, because I give as many as I buy, which are infinite, and that's why I'm honored and happy to inaugurate this Village Library, the first one in the whole province of Granada.

"Not only of bread the man lives." If I were hungry and helpless in the street, I would not ask for bread, but I would ask for half a bread and a book, and I violently attack from here those who only speak of economic demands but never name the cultural demands wich is what the people cry out for.

It is good that all men should eat, but that all men should know.
That enjoy all the fruits of the human spirit because the opposite is to turn them into machines at the service of State, is to turn them into slaves of a terrible social organization.

I have much more pity for a man who wants to know and can not, than for a hungry man. Because a hungry man can calm his hunger easily with a piece of bread or some fruit, but a man who is anxious to know and has no means, suffers a terrible agony because they are books, books, many books that he needs and where are they? those books?
Books! Books!
It makes here a magic word that is equivalent to saying: «love, love», and that the people should ask for as they ask for bread or as they long for rain for their sowings.
When the distinguished Russian writer Fedor Dostoyevsky, father of the Russian revolution much more than Lenin, was imprisoned in Siberia, far from the world, between four walls and surrounded by desolate plains of infinite snow; and he asked for help in a letter to his distant family, he only said: "Send me books, books, many books so that my soul does not die!".

I was cold and did not ask for fire, I had terrible thirst and did not ask for water: I asked for books, that is, horizons, that is, stairs to climb the peak of spirit and heart.

Because the physical, biological, natural agony of a body through hunger, thirst or cold, lasts little, very little, but the agony of the unsatisfied soul lasts all of life.
"The great Menéndez Pidal, one of the truest sages of Europe, has already said that the motto of the Republic must be:" Culture. "Culture because only through it can the problems in which the people debate today be solved. full of faith, but lacking in light. "