About how this Epiphany Appears

Jesús Galdón

To the spring, one of the times that in Carles Hac Mor came to the study aimed the possibility to do something conjoint.

I showed him some works related with my obsession for the phylactery: some tapes with the rowed bifid to the extremes that are to the pictorial tradition since the average age and before, and that they are the container of the message written. In my line of work, that dances between the tradition and the contemporary, recovered this element of the iconography pictorial to take out him the message written, and leave that it was the colour who speeches.

Like this, I developed some phylacteries sculptural of colours with the intention of not saying nothing, just to communicate the message of the basic colours, and this of not saying nothing and the phylactery think that was a point of split by this possibility of start a dialogue between both, a mutual dialogue of not saying nothing.

Ending the summer I received in a post Carles Hac Mor´s book “Filacteri d'infrallengua” with this message:

“Ep, Jesus!,
Behold here, attach in a Word, the text of which spoke you, how a possible contribution to our deproject.
Have a good summer.
As long as it is.
Carles (with memories of the Esther)"

I took it to answer him because I did not know what to say: it seemed so and so fascinating, so and so good that I was mute. After all, it was about answering this silent dialogue of saying nothing, but this time it was not knowing what to say in front of a magnificent book.

I thought in something exaggerated, how says in Carles that it is the art. In a big book that takes shape and volume and bounce into the reality. That goes up the speaker and sounds how other voice, physical, tangible and architectural. Like this, I thought about giving it a spin and reconvert the book in a philactery, ceasing band the message of the painting to recover the language written with a message that follows not saying nothing. And like this it was how arose the idea for this work “Filacteri d'infrallengua” of the book homonym by Carles Hac Mor.

and how to do it?

Draw with the shadow is the minimum expression of the painting, as well as its origin.

In the series “lux me fecit”, I drew with a candle three ornamental drawings of in Durer , matching the route of the light with the photographic image.

The smoke is the other opposite pole and consequence of the artificial light, and like this has been during centuries. Smoke has darkened the paintings to be able to see them. From this contradiction, and to be an ephemeral element like this work, thought to reproduce this poem with smoke, It may be to give birth to his hidden message.

But where deploy this philactery?

Another day, speaking of all but nothing specific, Carles and I agreed on the same feeling of burden when you enter a library or library.. This feeling is not other than have into the head, just passing through the door, all the physical weight of so much knowledge pressed in black on the books' sheets. And of course, the question of which one of this knowledge to choose. A library are many things, for example, the orderly stack of thousands of roads to take, and can be this or that who will guide you for the good or bad path. Which choose?

Like this, I saw clear which would be the ideal place to situate this work. It had to be a place where you condense the greatest amount of knowledge of a geography and a culture throughout history, and this one, maybe, could not be other than the National Library of Catalonia.

And of all this, it's been six years now. Therefore, this work has declared like one epiphany of a deproject, where not saying nothing is to say it everything.

Therefore my gratitud to the Library of Catalonia, to receive this volatile message, and to Carles Hac Mor, for his poetry and his personality.