About the letters and the art

Carles Hac Mor

My book "Filacteri d'infrallengua" has a precedent in a visual poem, also my own decades ago, and that it consists of a page with a printed text, which has no aesthetic intent or any relation to the meaning of the poem; and I wrote it by hand, on the text: "This is also a visual poem". Here it was remarked, on the one hand, that anything, any, can be a poem, visual or discursive, or both at the same time.

To give importance to the visual aspect of a text, to its page layout, that is to say, at its disposal in a limited space, it refers not only to Mallarmé, but also to the whole tradition of the avant-garde, from of the Futurism, happening mainly by Dadà and Fluxus, until Lletrismo and the specific Poetry.

In the process or the improper of visualization, the text may lose strictly literary importance and may become infrawall, it can even convert the text into one of ours for the visualization we aspire to. This is the step from writing to art.

And it is very logical that he be a great visual artist, Jesús Galdón, who now, on his own initiative, visualizes in his own way pages of "Filacteri d'infrallengua", which is but a very long visual poem.