Archaeological Museum
of Barcelona

This installation tries to reconstruct an image of an anonymous past, where all of us are involved, starting from archaeological references.

It consists of three pieces: As introduction, a light box 11x 2,2 x 0,70m. (Castalia Fountain), then a central and circular composition consisting of 6 photographs inside 6 light boxes and 2 mirrors of polished steel, and ending with 6 photographs.

There is no image on the information screen at the introduction. The images of the light boxes are six imaginary portraits, three men and three women. Each one based on six different fragments of Roman’s portraits from six different Mediterranean cities (Barcelona, Tarragona, Roma, Athens, Delphos and El Cairo), the photographs are developed in negative. The six images at the end are done overlapping the glance of the portraits themselves in positive.

Intervention in the facade of the Museum of Archaeology of Catalunya.

Detail of the intervention.

The Fountain of Castalia
Screen of light. 11 mts. X 2,20 mts.

Views of the installation