Edition 2004 - 5 print run
4 Photographs black and white 50 X 70 cm

This feeling of transparency at the airport is quite an odd one. The strange thing is that, deep down we all have this urgency of going out from this transition space of unbearable anonymity. A space created not to be, where anonymous people walk by, without origins or a known destination; transparent individuals whose gazes cross ours at the speed of light.

The same feeling could be extrapolated into an archaeological museum, even though here the reaction is attraction. An attraction that makes the observer disappear in the end through the gaze of a representation performed only to be seen by divine beings, by archetypes that have flowed into our collective imagery throughout time.

The traveller and the observer finally disappear into those transition spaces, they evaporate into the darkness of times, and they fade into memory.

Travelling and watching are vital actions that, in the end, absorb the conscience of the individual.

These photographs show two different spaces, Barcelona’s Airport and the archaeological Museum of El Cairo, two superfluous images without no further interest than that of the detail of people walking, wandering from place to place without any limits, in an unreal time, now that the camera can not take, at the same time, the different movements that appear on the picture.

The Traveller and the Observer gain access, freely, to a new spatial and temporal dimension inside a place of continuous transition named art.