in Sant Felip Neri's Church. (Barcelona)
Gaudí's Year, 10th June 2002

This sculpture-installation consists of a double polifunicular structure based on the parabola (a reference and a tribute to Gaudi). It spreads out into a corridor with the shape of a nave, with twelve rows where the paper moulds are held (thirteen in each row). The sculpture is built with levelling line, here used as a building material, lead weights and a wood and iron structure, which hang altogether from the ceiling, having the following measurements; 9’99 x 9 x 3,60 meters. The paper moulds, a total of 134 pieces, have a more or less regular rectangular shape of 78 x 62 centimetres.

Those paper moulds are the building materials of this “ephemeral architecture” which tries to reconstruct the emptiness deconstructed in the quarry. As well as a landscape that folds up into itself and allows us to gain access to an inner trip, in the shape of a cavern that brings us back to its original form, the archetypal balance.

Wood, paper, iron, lead, painting, pencil and golden.
See General from the apse of the church

Approach: See interior

Detail of the papers subject to the threads.

See external from the entrance of the church.

Detail from the fastening to the floor

Detail interior: I play of lights and text "et sic in infinitum" in mark of water.

Plan and scale model 1:10