Space in white
Jaume Vidal

Jesús Galdón (Barcelona, 1967) chose a title as Prince did, to name his new exhibition: ( ), the orthographical symbol for the parenthesis. There is no phrase inside it, nothing but a white space, a starting point for the work of any artist.

Galdón has used many times, the stretcher and the white canvas as a creation by itself. In one of his works, an installation, two big stretchers are showed in the middle of a room. The first one with a tighten canvas ready to paint on it; behind this one, the second one, where the canvas was replaced by a reflecting surface that shows the back of the stretcher.

To Galdón, the world previous to the artistic act is even so fascinating as the artwork itself. “During the artistic process, the white is the space where the reflection happens” he says in a text that completes his exhibition. He explains the process trough which the creative tries to apprehend and to understand the reality that involves him by means of the artistic practice.

His work is in a maturing process and we can find in it the nerve of a creative that wants always to try new ways. His professional career has been characterised by the connection between different materials and artistic expressions. We could talk here about conceptual art, in a sense already mentioned in which art is a process of knowledge, analysis and thought. But his work takes too pleasure in the matters and its changes. In the middle of stylistics oscillations and different materials, where we can find his land-art vision showed by two photographs presented at this exhibition, we discover in Galdón‘s work a concern to fit the past into the present time; from a personal point of view as well as from a philosophical and artistic cultural inheritance. His work insists on this aspect, paying homage to artists like Magritte or Durer. He seems too to keep away a certain narrative content, just to go into thought in depth.

Jaume Vidal
Art critic
"El Pais". 10th june 2000