Presentation at the Josep Bages Art Hall
El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona)

This exhibition involves an unfinished artwork which will never be finished. A kid’s tricycle becomes a printing machine that prints Durer’s images of Adam and Eve.

A boy and a girl carried out the printing by pedalling the tricycle over a long strip of paper where Durer’s images are printed. As long as a kid pedals on the machine, the work will go on in an endless process.

The toy of the gods
Chromed iron and diverse materials.
90 x 80 x 55 cm.

Detail of the pedal and of the stamping drum.

Images of Adam and Eve.

Detail of the 120 meters of stamped paper.

Up: Two of the authors: the boy Arnau and Galdón.
Down: "And this way until the infinite"