Along the Appia Antica Roman road, there is a church that marks where the “Quo Vadis, domine” (Lord, where are you going?) episode took place. Saint Peter was escaping from Rome and Jesus appeared to him. Inside the church there is a reproduction of a votive stone, which has the footprints left by Jesus on the Roman road, the last footsteps he left on earth, his last evidence.
Nowadays, we can step on the same paving stones which were used to build this road, eroded by millions of footsteps through its two thousand years… I was attracted by the idea that on this road eroded by anonymous people lost in the oblivion of time, there is only a footprint that remains as a pilgrimage place. By itself, the footprint provokes the traveller to walk the way, as well as a small piece of watercolour concentrates the pigment that dyes the landscape about to be painted.
This is the reason for this small series, where the painting and the traveller agreed on the point of doing the journey.

Plan of situation of the church of QUO VADIS in Rome

Pictures of the stone votiva of Jesus' last footfall in the earth (reproduction)
Drawing-plan of the stone.

Series Quo vadis, pictor
Series of six pills of watercolor of 45 x 45 x 5 cm.

Series Quo vadis, pictor
Six paintings of 100 x 100cm. Wooden frames and canvas stepped with watercolor.

Series of six drawings
Pencil, tints and watercolor has more than enough engraving paper. 65 x 65 cm.