Espai 13
Fundació Joan Miró (Barcelona)

In this installation the world’s geography melts with the individual’s geography. The shape of a woman and a man are outlined on four plastic sheets, with their mountains, rivers, countries and cities. Three big topographic maps, on the other side, in a mirror, create and include the observer’s image into this imaginary geography.

The lines of geography are strokes drawn by the up and down pacing of individuals: an imaginary.

To this side of the mirror
Installation. Diverse materials Measures variables.

Detail of the three "maps" of the installation. Paper on canvas, acetate, painting. 300 x 200 cm.

Four insoles map-figure. Methacrylate coloured. 190 x 120 cm. each one.

Methacrylate insoles, figures of steel refined mirror and paper map-figure. 190 x 120 cm. each one.

Detail of two of the three steel (250 x 125 cm.) mirrors and paper map-figure