Commemorative plaque in memory of the deportees in the Nazi camps

Located on the "wailing wall" of the
Memorial of Mauthausen, Austria.

Generalitat de Catalunya
Memorial Democràtic

Commemorative plaque commissioned by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Memorial Democràtic in memory of all the deportees to the Nazi camps.

It was presented as part of the 71st anniversary of the liberation of the Mauthausen camp, and is the first time that an official institution of the Spanish state has offered an element in memory of the deportees to the Nazi camps at the Mauthausen memorial.

The plaque, made of black granite, shows through a hole emptied in the middle of the surface, the true stones that keep the memory: the granite stones brought by the people imprisoned in the field from the quarry of granite of Mauthausen and that compose "The wailing wall", where the plaque is located.

Never more.


Quarry of Mauthausen: "wall of the parachutist"

"The stairway of death" by Mauthausen

Courtyard of Mauthausen

Director's Balcony


Act of celebration 71 anniversary of the liberation


The Wailing Wall