1001 nowhere postcards
Exhibition: The Endless War, Antoni Campaņā

Artistic intervention within the temporary exhibition at the National Art Museum of Catalonia

The installation I present in the exhibition consists of original postcards that have been rejected, withdrawn from circulation, as we can see on the reverse of a selection grouped in a strip throughout the intervention. In this strip, at eye level, they coexist with the postcards involved, made with a selection of 80 original postcards with images of militiamen and supporters made by Campaņā at the beginning of the conflict.

The images on the postcards correspond to this expanding image of the world, while the images of war have been the images of another world that has been voluntarily contracted and about to disappear.

In these postcards, I wanted the images of these two worlds created by the same author to be rediscovered in the geography of the imaginary. An open and free imaginary that plays with contrast and tenderness, with irony; also with the naivete, it may be, of the possibility that a new world was possible, and within the possible, with the very will of Campaņā to seek beauty.

A total of 1001 postcards, which tell us a thousand and one stories from nowhere, and maybe, from some story or place that you can recognize.